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Maureen’s teaching style mindfully weaves practical theory and alignment cues with the use of playful imagery and metaphor for an informative yet spirited experience. She skillfully forges connections with the entire room; analytical and creative thinkers, visual and auditory learners alike. She is experienced in working with all types of bodies. and her innate ability to hold emotional space and dictate intuitive modifications provides for a safe, empowering environment for her students to fully and confidently embody their practice.

Practitioners of all experience levels will largely benefit from the strength, flexibility, and mobility exercises gained during her year of extensive physical therapy work as well as the knowledge obtained from her 40-hour mentorship with master Katonah teacher Abbie Galvin and her team at The Studio in NYC. She is currently studying for her Pilates Mat certification and is excited to bring elements of that modality into her teaching. Students can also expect to learn varied breathwork and meditation techniques in order to expand respiratory capacity and calm the parasympathetic nervous system.


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