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Nicole has a Master’s degree in school psychology and has worked for 8 years in schools with children typically developing and also those with special needs. She has a great understanding of what is developmentally appropriate for children at different ages. In the last school Nicole brought yoga to their program for students who were on the Autism Spectrum. She trained in using this yoga program called Asanas for Autism and Special Needs which was provided with awesome tools and resources to use for kids of all and any abilities. Kids Yoga Class includes the use of the visuals of different poses (they are picture cards of poses) because it supports children in processing information. She like to use games, music, and these picture cards to create a yoga class that will be of interest and fun for kids. Intertwined in the fun, Nicole builds in awareness and understanding of breath, body parts, and how yoga can be used to help us feel good when we are feeling worried or upset.


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