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Nicolette first started practicing Yoga at six years old when her mother became a yoga instructor. Growing up between Spain and Washington DC, Nicolette has continued to
consistently practice yoga throughout her life and working in the Yoga community in both countries. Shortly after graduating from UCLA, Nicolette graduated from the 500 hour Yogaworks Teacher Training in 2016 and has consistently been teaching Spain, California, and New York. Nicolette is an actress and writer as well and finds that yoga is a wonderful profession and practice to go hand in hand with her creativity.

Nicolette focuses on strength, alignment, and breathing in her classes. Because she learned a very detail-oriented style of yoga, Nicolette finds dynamics in alignment extremely important to both build strength and focus on the breath. For Nicolette, the practice of yoga is to study the mechanisms of each pose, the body as a whole, and the flow of the breath.

Because it’s been such a large part of her life for so long, Nicolette quickly realized that life without yoga is out of balance in every form of the word. The practice seeps off the mat and into everyday life with each inhale. “By showing up on my mat, I’m able to look inward in a way that no other aspect of life allows me to do. Yoga is a sacred time for me to center in on what’s important so that, when I leave the mat and step into reality, my sense of the things that matter
doesn’t fade.”

Words of Wisdom for Students
Yoga is what you make of it. The most beautiful part of this practice is that its dimensions are never ending and just get deeper and deeper, and it’s for anybody who wants to come to the mat and just start breathing. It is the willingness to keep the practice going and a love for its ins and outs that leave all of us feeling like we’re getting closer to who we truly are and why we’re here.


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