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Reiki is an energy healing modality that brings Universal life force energy where it's needed. Reiki can address problems and illnesses by healing the underlying energy balance. It's an amazing discipline that can cleanse your body, bring healing for pain, anxiety, fatigue and negative emotions, It can stimulate your immune system, and release emotional trauma. Chakra balancing is included, re-balance the flow of the universal life force in and around the body. Find your inner peace.


Reiki is performed mainly hands on, (but also hands off and even remotely).

Tuning forks, singing bowls (sound healing) and crystals may be incorporated during the session.


You can feel more focused, increased energy, relief from ailments and when combined with massage therapy, it brings an ultimate body rejuvenating experience with elevated mind and spirit.


*Results may vary.

Reiki Healing with Massage - 75min

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We require 24-hour notice for all rescheduling and cancellations. Last minute rescheduling will require a rescheduling fee. 

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