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March 11, 2018

Trees are pushing little buds out into the air, flowers put on their colorful clothes, as all lives start to awaken in the time of spring, how are you doing? How is your body and mind feeling? Are you awake and ready for the summer yet? I hope you are, because this time, SPRING IS COMING!


In Chinese medicine and Taoism, the season spring is related to element 'Mu' - wood. The Element wood has a warm quality that will eventually transform into 'Huo' - fire when the summer arrives. Because of this natural heat, buds burst out into flowers, and lives grow and thrive. Our body is the same. The Yin energy from winter is fading as the Yang is rising. We naturally tend to rest late and rise early. The world is fully of new possibilities and beginnings that will keep you curious, and as the element wood is balanced and developed well, it grows into 'Jin' - Metal which represents prosperity. That's why in eastern culture, spring is the most important season for self development.




Do You Want To Fully Transform Yourself in 2018?

Here are some tips that might help!




1. Get Those Muscles Stretched.


 ‘ The length of your tendons is the length of your life.' This is widely believed in China. Whether It's Yoga or Tai Chi, the first step is to stretch. A certain amount of flexibility and sense of ease have to be achieved by the body, before we can talk about Qi, energy, Prana whatever name you are familiar with. Trying to obtain energy with a stiff body is like trying to fit a powerful lion in a small cage. It certainly won't be comfortable. The stretch I'm talking about is different from the ones in the gym you do before getting on the treadmill. It's the stretches of internal muscles around organs. They need to be open and awakened. The best way to practice those muscle is - You guessed right, Yoga! If you are feeling tight, take a class and stretch it out!





2. Get Together For Some Tea.


 Spring weather is moody, temperature jumps up and down 10°F in one day. The body of course will react to it dramatically, which is why many people get sick in spring. This is an important time to take care of your immune system. Other than that, do you know that your appetite is also affected by the weather? When temperature drops down, stomach acid increases, so does the appetite, and vice versa. To help the body maintain It's balance, tea is a great antidote to all the drama. Although there are many types of tea that you can use, today we are recommending jasmine green tea. It is a great source of antioxidant that helps fight against cancer cells, boosts immune system, reduces cholesterol level and increase metabolism. So drink up!




3. Stay Patient and Warm.


I know I know, you have been hiding away your toned abs and legs for the whole winter, you can't wait to set it all free. But your body might not be ready yet to adapt a rapid change of style. Spring is a season of flu and infections. (Bummer I know!) It is mostly because people are underestimating the spring wind. These can all be effectively prevented with one big beautiful scarf around the neck area, to keep this part of the body protected from the wind will reduce the chance to catch a cold.

In a more psychological side, the wind creates disturbance in the mood, so patience will be your best friend around this time of the year. Plant your seed, not your expectations, and just wait patiently. That is the beauty of nature.





4. Spring Clean Your Skin.


 You clean your house and all the closets in spring, why not your face. Can you imagine how much stress your skin has gone through with you during winter? When you are running outside in the wind your skin is suffering with you. When you are sitting in a heated office with dry air and computers your skin is suffering with you. Do you believe that your skin is alive? Of course It's alive, because you are! How much liveliness has left now on a scale of 1 to 10? It's time to give it a boost, send some love to your skin. You can be the toughest warriors but you still can have radiant skin! Here are something you can start with to get the shine back on.





5. Relax.



Whether life is happening the way you wanted or not at this moment, It should not be a ruler for your happiness. Remember that you, by being you, are doing the best you can in any situation. When you are not getting what you wanted, instead of slipping into a quick self-judgement (or worse, a self-criticism),  clear your head and get yourself a sweet spa treatment. Once your energy level is spiked up, you will find a much more creative way to solve whatever you are facing. It's like magic, try it! Yoga Spa offers Raindrop Technique Therapy to help you realign your spine and your energy.












The body needs nourishment, and so does the heart. Remember to send gratitude to your heart, let yourself glow and shine in 2018.




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