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April 2, 2018

A well-informed and safe home practice can  help start a day peacefully, but something about putting on those beautiful yoga outfit and traveling to a yoga studio is still so valuable that you would not give in. It's just like going out for brunch. Even if we are perfectly skillful to cook a delicious meal at home, we still want to go out. Because human beings have the secret tendency to expand and exchange energy with the outside world. Here are a few reasons why you would enjoy practicing in a Yoga studio and how to motivate yourself to get on the mat and be more active.



YOGA - 'yuj'

Union; Joining of the human consciousness

and the Divine Consciousness.




1. Get Information And Adjustment From Instructors




As a teacher and a student, I see alignment as the mother of Yoga postures ( asanas ). From a healthy and loving mother, born healthy and well-developed children. Yoga poses are those children. If there is no proper alignment during practice, the postures will also be sloppy and unprofitable, inefficient in delivering the benefits. That sounds just like an unloved child growing up with struggles, doesn't it? Another metaphor I have for this is t - The body is like a TV set, alignment would be satellite signals and postures be the channel. When the right alignment is performed in certain postures, the signals will pour into the channel you choose and you will see things and benefits coming to life. However most people are practicing without guidance and completely by-passing the biggest gem of what Yoga can provide, and settle with the small physical enhancement they achieve. That is not wrong of course, we take anything we get. But I'm saying there is much much more...Oh baby, so much more than you expected.





The best way for you to make sure you are in the right alignment is to practice under the guidance of a teacher. You should follow a well-educated teacher who stays strong in her/his own practice, who is loving and non-judgemental, and always open for communications. I know there are teachers who like to be distant yogis, just let them be, there are many other inspiring teachers who can help. Find a teacher who can pay close attention to everyone in a class so you feel safe to challenge yourself with them. Ask questions and get personal feedback on your practice, because trust me with this, good teachers might not talk about what they sees in your practice, but they notice everything in a class and they are waiting for you to ask. So take the advantage and let them serve you, it will rapidly improve your practice.




2. Experience The Yoga Community





Yoga has been given many meanings in the modern world, some say Yoga is art, some say science, others say love. In it's most original concept, Yoga is union. The union of undivided consciousness. Which to me, is the totality of everything there is. Art, science and love all bring people people together. Yoga, in it's most beautiful way, is doing the same thing. Scientists already proved this theory that we are living in a world that is made of nothing but energy, and this energy can shift and exchange just like what we learned in high school physics. Now you see why certain places hold special energy. Not just by the people who created them, but also the people who visit. A lovely Yoga studio can summon a kind of beautiful energy that keep drawing the beautiful people in. Honestly, where else do you meet a large number of sweet angels than a Yoga studio?





3. Get Inspired And Motivated



Inspiration is absolutely the best friend of achievement. No matter how diligent a person is, if there is no stimulation or any feeling of something special that is happening within us, it will be very difficult to carry on and continue the labor. So before you start thinking that you are lazy, find someone who inspires you to be the better great. This feeling of being stuck can be easily switched. Many times the feelings and insights are there, hidden inside our body, they need a little trigger that's all. I personally enjoy watching intense yogi fellows performing asanas like godly sculptures, moving so gracefully that I'm breathing with them from inhale to exhale, my body almost can feel what they are feeling before I can achieve those crazy Ashtanga postures. But that is the necessary first step - get lit up internally, so you will have unlimited fuel that will drive you to discipline yourself, and the rest will come naturally. Come to an advance class and see how people are performing. It's breath taking and inspiring.



4. Perfect Time And Environment To Relax



Tell me how many times have you set up an intention and an alarm to do a self practice at home, and got drifted away by some other agendas? How many times have you stopped your practice in the middle because your kids need you, your boss needs you, or your dog needs you? It's so easy for us to follow a schedule when it comes to work hard and achieve more, but when it gets to self-care we often postpone and put our priority on other things. Make a decision for yourself, and get out of the environment that is filled with anticipated distractions. In fact, come to a Yoga studio with phone switched off and just let yourself be in the present for at least 1 hour a day, you will be amazed by how it can change your mind and life.




Let Your Self Experience This Yoga Love, Come Practice With Us In The Most Zen and Lovely Place In Midtown New York.




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