Yoga For Spring - Try It On Manhattan Rooftop

April 23, 2018

Spring finally visited New York. After a few weeks of emotional roller-coaster she has finally made up her mind, and blessed us with some nice sunny days during the weekend. Walk out on the street, see how people smile in the sun, and how the typical New Yorkers transformed into nice people who actually are friendly. It's stunning to me how little we ask for in life from God. Just a sunny day with our skirts and shirts out, that will do the trick! After all, the sun, which is worshiped as God in so many cultures does have the power to energize lives. From little flower bud to human being, we can not live without it. Today Let's talk about the Yang (Sun in Chinese) energy of Yoga.




Yang Qi, which can be translated into life energy, represents the force that drives our body to grow, to do and to thrive. It has an upward tendency, that's why trees grow tall instead of the other way around. There is two resources of Yang Qi: One from parents and the other is cultivated through daily habits and diet. Many daily activities consume Yang Qi, such as working, experiencing emotions, exercising, adapting temperature changes and, of course having sex. If the body is lack of Yang Qi, it's very likely for you to experience weakness and have poor immune support during flu seasons in winter and spring. But  obviously you can't just stop working, exercising or having pleasure just to have your Yang Qi right? What a boring life would that be? Luckily you don't have to suffer loneliness just to be healthy, I have got some secrets here to share.







1. Healthy and Versatile Diet.


Of course we all think that the healthy diet means more greens and fruits, but it's not entirely so. When leafy veggies can provide you the fiber and fruits can bring you some vitamins, there is a lot of other delicious ingredients that you probably haven't touched or heard of.


Laba congee, a universal festive food on Laba Festival which often falls around dahan, is made of eight to 18 various ingredients, including rice, peanuts, red beans, lotus seeds, green beans, jujube, longan, yam, lily’s root and gouqi. These 18 ingredients will nourish the body so well that you feel like you are a new baby resting in mother's arms. Forget about the all time dreadful salad! Boil some congee today for dinner, try something new once in awhile.








2. Sleep Well...Naked


Sleeping naked can actually allow more energy and oxygen to enter the body and the system. Lock your door and set the body free tonight. Once that is taken care of, make sure you look at the watch and it's not past 12 yet. 23pm-1am is the the period when Yin Yang transaction happens, the body needs to be still, quiet and completely asleep. Next thing is to get up early. I know what you are gonna say - 'I'm not an early person.' But the only cure for staying up late is to get up early. Staying up late already consumes Yang Qi, if you get up late, the energy in liver would not be able to circulate. You will easily feel irritated through the day, as I'm sure many of you have experienced. I did! So, clothes off and get into your bed early today, wake up before the birds, see how it feels!






3. Slow-paced exercise : Yoga & Taichi



Well, working out in general is great for health, but for specific need you should choose specific type of exercise. If you are cultivating a competitive ability like athletes, then of course certain intense training would be suitable. However if you are seeking for a method for creating longevity and peaceful lifestyle, then a slow-paced exercise such as Yoga and Taichi would be much better choices. I have been through a long period of time when I didn't have chance to sleep more than 5 hours due to my work schedule, instead of taking naps during the day, I do 30 min of Yoga asana practice first thing in the morning. Get the spine stretched and some energy into the body. And normally it would be enough for me to go through the whole day with a functional mind. Although I would never want to do that again, but sometimes when life put you in a hard place, you have to find yourself some solutions. Try to create some good vibes with Yoga tomorrow morning.






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