June 18, 2018

Just like what John Mayer sang in a song : 'Love is a verb.' Self-Love, as well is a verb. It is all the doing that lead us to be in the best well-being we can align to. Today we are, again, talking about how to love ourselves, with Yoga Spa.


1. Eat with No String Attached


I stumble upon a Ted talk a few days ago talking about dieting, called 'Trust your hunger and make peace with food '.  The speaker was talking about how much she was struggling about the imbalance of eating and how her eating habits directly relate to her fear of intimacy when it comes to relationships with others. Eating has become a huge shame-based issue in many people's lives. You would've thought with the rising of the healthcare industry and gurus of nutrition people would get better with it nowadays, but no, It just got worse. People are far more confused about what to eat and what not to eat. In the video, she talked about how she was managed to get back to balance by listening to her own body, and allow herself to eat when it's needed, with appreciation of the food and the body. With the absence of shame in eating, she quickly realized the body is actually making all the healthy choices intuitively. Eating is not a spiritual practice, it shouldn't be confused. It's a simple need for the body, and if you love the body, you give her/him food. It's that simple.



2. Dress Nicely and Comfortably (if you can)


Eating healthy will give you a good feeling from inside, of course you know it, but sometimes you just don't have the motivation to stay with it. So what to do? No need to look for inspirations from celebrities, because YOU are a star!! Dress like a piece of art, use your clothes to express your inner feelings. It's the minimal creative task you run into on a daily basis. Don't just throw something on. Put on some music, pick and chose in your closet, and take something that YOU want to wear. Not what you think others will like, but what YOU will like (As long as it meets the company dress code of course). Have you ever picked something you really want to wear and a voice came up in your head saying It's too much? Hell no to that voice! You are meant to shine, so do it this morning!


3. Practice Yoga as a Conversation with the Inner Being

Yoga, unlike other workout, is an inward-focused practice. It will help us to connect to our intuition, consciousness, and some-called Self. So if you are a result driven person who were attracted onto the path of Yoga by the dazzling handstand and back bends, you should know that eventually the path will turn inward. So don't just focus on the shape from outside, listen to your own body, and it will tell you how to prevent injuries and how to improve your well-being. Become an observer in your practice, and separate yourself from the over-achiever that you always are. Dial into your body and listen to all the missing voice mails, you have been guided with Love all this time, unconditionally. 



4. Bonus: Jump into the hug of Mother Ocean

I don't need to say much about how good it feels to dive into cold water in a hot day like this. But a good cliff jump is fear-shredding, adrenaline-boosting, self-discovering event that will change a person's perspective. The person on the cliff who was scared of the water was gone, came out of the water is a new being who is less scared of something. That is a big deal!! Try it, safely.




Yoga Classes 7 days a week at Yoga Spa. Practice Self-Love Yoga with us.




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