Last Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas [NYC Edition]

February 14, 2019


Today is Valentine's Day, so if you want something special, we've got you covered. Last minute doesn't have to be sub par. Treat yourself and your date with these incredible dates.


1. Couple's Massage


This is our absolute favorite from this list. Who doesn't like a little pampering with champagne, strawberries, and chocolate truffles all in one amazing package? Most spas are upping their prices for Valentine's but Manhattan holds a hidden gem: Lounge 1881. The prices are great, the facilities are beautiful, and the staff is incredible. This spa will have you relaxed and happy as two clams.


The Valentine's package here comes with a wonderful yoga session to get into the mood, have some laughs, and relax with your partner. It comes with complimentary champagne, chocolate, and strawberries as you get a wonderful massage and body scrub together with your partner.




It really is the perfect date for your special someone. And no worries if you're not ready for your date tonight, the special is available all weekend! Book your perfect, romantic Valentine's date here.


2. Indoor Picnic


If you need to plan last minute, this is an incredibly romantic, yet easy option to pull off. Get some candles, a cozy blanket, and cook a home-made meal for your loved one. 


And if you can't cook, just make what you can. Even eggs on toast or sandwiches can be romantic in the candlelight with a bottle of wine and tasty treats like berries, chocolate, whipped cream. The effort, especially if you can't cook, is what's touching and heart warming.




Just remember to keep it about that connection between the two of you. Talk, laugh, and reconnect with one another. 


3. Surprise Hotel Date


Thankfully New York City has so many reasonably priced hotels that this one should be easy. You don't need any extra prep ahead of time, just book a room in a decent hotel. You can bring flowers or candles with you to the room, and enjoy a night in without worry of cleanup later.




Why is it romantic? Because you're someplace new, together. You don't need a fancy vacation to still have a vacation. Bring some wine, order room service, or relax in a hot tub if your hotel has one. 


4. Make Your Own Dessert Together


Instead of buying chocolates, you can make your own! Supplies are easy to come by and you can go all out by shopping at Michael's or stick with simplicity by going to the grocery store. Be sure you do it together though, to pick out all the tasty ingredients. Whether doing chocolate fondue, truffles, or even homemade ice cream, doing this together can be a blast!


The memories are even sweeter when you don't get it exactly right. You can spice it up by trying out complex confections from a cookbook and laughing at your successes and attempts. 




If you want something a little more out of the box you can try dessert crepes or even s'mores!


5. Movie Night


This sounds rather cliche, but you can transform a simple movie night into an incredibly sweet and fun Valentine's Date with just a little imagination. 




Pick out some really really cheesy romance movies and you're setting up a night of laughter and togetherness. You can make fun of the awful feature films together and let the warm and fuzzy feelings rule the night.


6. Karaoke


 You can go out or put this together at home, either way it's a bit unexpected in the best possible way. Sing sweet love songs or go crazy with your favorite tunes together!



And there you have it! Valentine's can be so much more fun and interesting than simply going to a restaurant, and who needs a reservation anyway? This night is all about you and the fond memories you're creating together, so go make some good ones! But seriously, try the massage.



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