Spa Resorts and Retreats that Won't Have You Leaving Manhattan

December 27, 2017

If you’re like most New Yorkers, there’s just so much to do and so little time, getting away isn’t in the immediate future. Well, these treatments are found at Spas and Relaxation Lounges right here in the city, but with all the glorious soothing comfort of an out of town spa resort. From ambience, decor, products used, service, facilities, and affordability, these are the best treatments to try.



Here’s a list of rejuvenating spa treatments that won’t break the bank and give you all the benefit of a luxury retreat.



Ayurveda Massage and Aromatherapy

Ayurveda is an ancient medical belief system, emphasizing balance in the body, with treatments customized for each individual’s dosha (or bodily composition). The therapist utilizes ancient healing techniques, essential oils and sounds based on his/her assessment of the individual’s current state and needs in order to bring the individual’s body and spirit back into balance. Highly trained ayurvedic practitioners remove the body of any draining energy and rejuvenate the spirit, working from the inside out to leave behind a peaceful feeling.  Ayurvedic massage can take several forms, we recommend the Raindrop Therapy!



Thai Massage

Thai massage is essentially yoga without the effort. The therapist will do all of the work for you, applying gentle pressure to focus points and stretching achy muscles back into alignment. The stretching combined with acupressure works to loosen the joints and ligaments. It’s an effortless way to feel youthful and reinvigorate, with enhanced strength, increased range of motion and complete relaxation.   

*Bonus: If you want more yoga with your massage this spa has a full yoga studio too!


Classic Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

It’s impossible to go wrong with the classic Swedish massage or the more intense deep tissue. Trained and certified masseurs will find the source of tension and ease it out, through the lymphatic system, the body’s natural detox pathway. Swedish massage utilizes light strokes to identify the source of pain and diffuse it.  For those who require extra pressure due to stiff joints or tight muscles, deep tissue massage (sometimes also called sports massage) utilizes firm pressure to break down the buildup of toxins. Either way, the relaxing power of these massages can’t be beat.



Detox Scrub & Massage

Himalayan sea salt is known for its numerous health benefits, including better hydration, increased metabolism, improved circulation and dissolution of toxins. To make the scrub, the salt is combined with honey to create an invigorating mixture. The full body scrub is applying topically to open pores and remove dead skin and is followed by a soothing shower, leaving the skin glowing and ready to handle the elements (natural or otherwise).


Don’t worry about trying to find the right place: we’ve found Midtown spas in NYC that offers all of the above treatments and more, using only organic products in state-of-the-art facilities.  Even better, their luxury treatments don’t come at a price: they offer high quality services that are unbelievably affordable.


Check out these deals on the best luxury spa treatments in New York.


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