Hidden Gem in Manhattan [Holistic Yoga & Spa Retreat]

April 10, 2017

It turns out you don’t have to leave the city to find a holistic yoga and wellness retreat. This hidden gem is everything you could ask for, every level and type of yoga you could ask for, soothing meditation spaces, luxury spa treatments and massages, including aromatherapy.


You can check out their full line of services HERE. Be sure to ask about their specials!


The Yoga Spa Retreat is a one stop for everything the mind, body, and spirit needs. They have incredible cardio fitness classes and rejuvenating yoga, from vinyasa, dharma, hot/heated yoga, candlelit, even thai yoga massage. Many of these yoga classes are downright challenging for a real toning and strengthening workout, or opt for a class that’s more laid back and relaxing.


“Yoga not only gets your heart pumping, but it also quiets the mind and body, honing an ability to experience a greater sense of well-being. And if you find an exercise you enjoy, the more you do it, the more fit you’ll become.”
- Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Preventive Medicine Research Institute


Hang out in the lounge and enjoy the meditative atmosphere, or join a workshop for henna tattooing, meditation, live music, and reiki attunement. There’s so much you can do, and it’s right here in the city.


Find out more about yoga fitness retreats.




What really sets this holistic resort apart however, are the myriad of spa treatments, massage, and spiritual healing services. With all of that, it’s the perfect getaway, and you don’t even have to leave New York City for it!



Using aromatic herbs, oils, and scrubs, their holistic treatments nourish the body with a healing touch. These treatments are balancing and are excellent for detoxifying your body and healing the spirit and mind.


And you can treat yourself to a much deserved massage. The massage techniques relax the entire body to relax and heal. Deep tissue massage, ayurvedic massage therapy, reflexology, Thai massage, you name it, and it’s there. Wash away the stress of the city, rejuvenate yourself, your body, and your senses.


"I have to say that Yoga Spa NYC gave me the best holistic treatment I have ever had. Very relaxing. I was amazed at how all the tension melted away leaving my body feeling tingly and chilled-out. The massage therapist was excellent, very caring, calm, professional and lovely to chat with too!"  

- Susan, Pediatric Nurse



Pamper yourself at this incredible Yoga Spa Retreat in New York City.


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