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Phoebe is a 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher certified through the Perri Institute for Mind and Body. She received her BFA as a dance major with Honors from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Phoebe performed with many NYC choreographers and companies, including Anne Zuerner, mishiDance, MoveWorks, Alice Gosti, Jonathan Matthews, RedCurrant Collective, The Charles Weidman Foundation, Patricia Hoffbauer, and AMS Project. Phoebe is the director of dance theatre company Copy That Dance.
Phoebe has been teaching yoga to adults and kids in NYC since 2012, at a range of fitness centers and renowned dance studios. Her vinyasa classes focus on alignment, using your muscles in a smart way, noticing your body’s habits, and not taking yourself so seriously. After all, if you’re laughing, you’re breathing! As a former dancer who experienced many injuries, injury prevention is very important to her. As such, in her class you’ll be guided to pay attention to the nuances of your body so you can make the best decisions for your practice. Her favorite yoga pose is fallen triangle. Phoebe loves baking bread, fantasy/sci-fi books, her cat daughters Robin and Myrtle, and her human daughter Liv.


Vinyasa Flow
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