Today is Valentine's Day, so if you want something special, we've got you covered. Last minute doesn't have to be sub par. Treat yourself and your date with these incredible dates.

1. Couple's Massage

This is our absolute favorite from this list. Who doesn't like a little pampering with champagne, strawberries, and chocolate truffles all in one amazing package? Most spas are upping their prices for Valentine's but Manhattan holds a hidden gem: Lounge 1881. The prices are great, the facilities are beautiful, and the staff is incredible. This spa will have you relaxed and happy as two clams.

The Valentine's package here comes with a wonderful yoga session to get into the mood, have some laughs, and relax with your partner. It comes with complimentary...

Just like what John Mayer sang in a song : 'Love is a verb.' Self-Love, as well is a verb. It is all the doing that lead us to be in the best well-being we can align to. Today we are, again, talking about how to love ourselves, with Yoga Spa.

1. Eat with No String Attached

I stumble upon a Ted talk a few days ago talking about dieting, called 'Trust your hunger and make peace with food '.  The speaker was talking about how much she was struggling about the imbalance of eating and how her eating habits directly relate to her fear of intimacy when it comes to relationships with others. Eating has become a huge shame-based issue in many people's lives. You would've thought with the rising of the healthcare industry and gurus of nutrition people woul...

Yin Yoga, is a less popular style of Yoga in this part of the world. The western society has been labeled as Yang dominant, which represents an active, and masculine energy. What is Yin Yoga? It's actually not a new concept but a very ancient practice in Doaism which focused on bringing the whole system back to it's harmonious balance. This concept had been brought to the surface again by an American Yoga teacher Paul Grilley. Nowadays, more and more New Yorkers have grown interests in this meditative Yoga practice that goes much deeper beyond muscles, to release some stress accumulated from the outside masculine world.  Before you jump into a class, there are something you need to know.

1. Dao Yin (or Tao Yin)

This is the traditional name of Yin...

Yoga is a very natural choice for people who need to balance a hectic and stressful lifestyle, once we have decided to end our suffering and stop escaping, we take actions. Ashtanga Yoga is perfect for over-achievers who like challenges and also a calm mind. Here are 5 inspiring celebrities who are not just doing Yoga for instagram show, but really dedicating their practice to Yoga for years.

1. Madonna

Madonna practices Ashtanga yoga, which is a style that encourages more dynamic movements and transitions between the postures. “Yoga is a metaphor for life. You have to take it really slowly. You can’t rush. You can’t skip to the next position. You find yourself in very humiliating situations, but you can’t judge yourself. You just have to breath...

Spring finally visited New York. After a few weeks of emotional roller-coaster she has finally made up her mind, and blessed us with some nice sunny days during the weekend. Walk out on the street, see how people smile in the sun, and how the typical New Yorkers transformed into nice people who actually are friendly. It's stunning to me how little we ask for in life from God. Just a sunny day with our skirts and shirts out, that will do the trick! After all, the sun, which is worshiped as God in so many cultures does have the power to energize lives. From little flower bud to human being, we can not live without it. Today Let's talk about the Yang (Sun in Chinese) energy of Yoga.

Yang Qi, which can be translated into life energy, represents the...

A well-informed and safe home practice can  help start a day peacefully, but something about putting on those beautiful yoga outfit and traveling to a yoga studio is still so valuable that you would not give in. It's just like going out for brunch. Even if we are perfectly skillful to cook a delicious meal at home, we still want to go out. Because human beings have the secret tendency to expand and exchange energy with the outside world. Here are a few reasons why you would enjoy practicing in a Yoga studio and how to motivate yourself to get on the mat and be more active.

YOGA - 'yuj'

Union; Joining of the human consciousness

and the Divine Consciousness.

1. Get Information And Adjustment From Instructors

As a teacher and a student, I see alignm...

Trees are pushing little buds out into the air, flowers put on their colorful clothes, as all lives start to awaken in the time of spring, how are you doing? How is your body and mind feeling? Are you awake and ready for the summer yet? I hope you are, because this time, SPRING IS COMING!

In Chinese medicine and Taoism, the season spring is related to element 'Mu' - wood. The Element wood has a warm quality that will eventually transform into 'Huo' - fire when the summer arrives. Because of this natural heat, buds burst out into flowers, and lives grow and thrive. Our body is the same. The Yin energy from winter is fading as the Yang is rising. We naturally tend to rest late and rise early. The world is fully of new possibilities and beginnings t...

The Midtown Manhattan rejuvenating spa and yoga fitness studio, Yoga Spa, was featured recently in Huffington Post. Called a "restful oasis in the city" the spa offers everything in the way of self care. Those coming to the studio can get in shape with masters of the craft catering to all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced, and even treat themselves to a little pampering in luxury spa facilities that are gorgeous and soothing. 

They carry only the best scrubs, skincare products, aromatherapy and massage oils for an all natural glow that's healing for the body and mind. 

The founder of the studio and spa, Nara Alekperova, started Yoga Spa as a way for busy New Yorkers to meet all their fitness and wellness needs in one place that's not so...

If you’re like most New Yorkers, there’s just so much to do and so little time, getting away isn’t in the immediate future. Well, these treatments are found at Spas and Relaxation Lounges right here in the city, but with all the glorious soothing comfort of an out of town spa resort. From ambience, decor, products used, service, facilities, and affordability, these are the best treatments to try.

Here’s a list of rejuvenating spa treatments that won’t break the bank and give you all the benefit of a luxury retreat.

Ayurveda Massage and Aromatherapy

Ayurveda is an ancient medical belief system, emphasizing balance in the body, with treatments customized for each individual’s dosha (or bodily composition). The therapist utilizes ancient healing techn...

It turns out you don’t have to leave the city to find a holistic yoga and wellness retreat. This hidden gem is everything you could ask for, every level and type of yoga you could ask for, soothing meditation spaces, luxury spa treatments and massages, including aromatherapy.

You can check out their full line of services HERE. Be sure to ask about their specials!

The Yoga Spa Retreat is a one stop for everything the mind, body, and spirit needs. They have incredible cardio fitness classes and rejuvenating yoga, from vinyasa, dharma, hot/heated yoga, candlelit, even thai yoga massage. Many of these yoga classes are downright challenging for a real toning and strengthening workout, or opt for a class that’s more laid back and relaxing.

“Yoga not only...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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