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Adriane grew up in the northernmost part of Germany, surrounded by forests and farm land and right by the sea. She has always been drawn to the ocean, and her steady rhythm of change while remaining, at core, the same. That is a pattern we can’t help noticing when paying attention to the world around us; Day and night, summer and winter, breathing in and breathing out, and everything in between. Being alive means transitioning, and every transition holds the opportunity to grow.

Adriane has found mindful movement and meditation to be some of the most beneficial tools for tuning into her own potential for growth through grounding and exploration. The desire to share what she learns has led Adriane to take a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Just Like Om. Following that she deepened and expanded her knowledge of bodywork by completing a 600hr comprehensive Pilates training, and is looking forward to taking more yoga teacher training hours within the next year - She truly believes that we never stop learning, be it from our teachers, our students, each other, the world we live in. On the mat and off, let’s breathe and share the experience of being alive.


Vinyasa Yoga
Hatha Yoga
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