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Katsiaryna teaches a yoga practice that will take students out of the distractions of the mind and into the body - physically, emotionally and energetically. Her yoga classes integrate vinyasa sequences with pranayama, meditation, music and spiritual philosophy. In some classes Katsiaryna introduces crystals as a tool to set an intention and keep the focus on it during the practice. She encourages students to begin with full awareness on the mat, and to uncover what shows up beneath the physical sensations in the body, and she leads students through the transformation of the self through a connection to the emotional body. Katsiaryna asks students to uncover their unprocessed emotions, and to release them through their breath and meditation, a journey that can lead to detoxifying and cleansing the emotional body; in short, to awaken, uplift and transform. Katsiaryna moved to New York in 2004 and discovered Yoga which have gradually integrated into her morning exercise program. She discovered that it brought her great physical benefits along with growing mental and spiritual awakening. In 2014 she received her 200 hour certification from The Yoga School, NY, and 300 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2017. Katsiaryna discovered along the way that real health comes from an awareness of the balance in the physical body, the emotional body, and the state of mind. As an extension of my passion for a healthy life style she also completed a certificate course as a Health Coach from the School of Integrated Nutrition.


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