Yoga stretches the muscles, increasing your range of motion and blood flow. These stretches and poses relax the body and mind, providing physical, mental and emotional balance to your body and life.

Meet our Yogis

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"The combination of the external treatments and yogic meditation practice Yoga Spa offers and teaches helps practitioners optimize the balance of those biochemicals to sustain healthy living and improve emotional health”

  - Huffington Post

Learn about yoga!

Ashtanga Yoga involves synchronization between the breaths and movements. One can obtain a strong life force (Prana) and purification of the body through sweating.  Regular practice of Ashtanga will bring a balance of flexibility and strength of the body and internalize the awareness.

Prenatal Yoga classes are appropriate for beginner through advanced practitioners. You may begin practicing at any stage of your pregnancy. Classes will create and support mind-body awareness through stretching, asanas and breathing exercises that will help ease anxiety, build confidence, strengthen the body and help prepare for labor. Our gentle yet dynamic flowing prenatal yoga practice will help you through the many common pregnancy symptoms by improving circulation, aiding digestion, maintaining flexibility, and strengthening the uterus and pelvic muscles.

A gentle and rejuvenating yoga class. This practice uses props and seated/floor postures held for longer periods of time to produce deep relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit. Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to balance the intensity of living in NYC. All levels welcome.


This energizing class emphasizes proper alignment and breath work as we move through sun salutations and vinyasa (flow). Each class offers a unique sequence to either highlight certain muscle groups or to accommodate a central focus; be it arm balances, inversions, or backbends. Modifications are always offered so that the fun can be shared by yogis of all levels.


The foundation of many forms of Yoga, Hatha Yoga is the first and most important step for understanding asanas and the body. This traditional form of yoga will help heal the body and mind. 

Yin Yoga mindfully targets the body's flexibility. Through seated postures held anywhere from three to ten minutes, one can experience greater openness and a sense of lightness.